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HealthMarkets Giving Back

HealthMarkets, through its family of companies, supports a wide range of causes and organizations with a focus on the communities in which we live and work.

From providing financial contributions to volunteering our own personal time, HealthMarkets is committed to making a positive difference by offering our support.

American Cancer Society
Carter BloodCare
SafeHaven Tarrant County
Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth
Toys for Tots
Trinity Habitat for Humanity

We're proud to be making a difference in these organizations

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Work These 10 Super Foods into Your Diet for the Best Mealtime Benefits

Summer time is approaching. If you’re trying to improve your diet, or fit into last year’s swim suit, look no further. Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center has created a cheat sheet of the top ten healthy foods with benefits that you don’t want to miss. Almonds—antioxidants in almonds can lower your risk of heart... Read more »

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Research Shows that Regular Exercise Can Slow the Effects of Aging on Your Body and Your Brain

As we age, our nervous systems lose motor neurons. The loss of these neurons leads to “a loss of motor units, reduced muscle mass, less strength, speed, and power. That process speeds up substantially past age 60.” So, what can you do to keep your motor neurons? According to Geoff Power from the University of... Read more »

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Listening to the Noises You Make While Eating May Reduce the Amount You Consume

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